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Try our new mocktail menu

It’s that time of year again. The excess and indulgence of the festive season is well behind us and we’re back to work under grey and gloomy skies. Many of us have pledged to go easy on the hard stuff, but find ourselves looking with yearning eyes at that wine list.

Luckily, Ethos has come up with a way to enjoy a delicous alcohol-free drink that makes for a far more interesting alternative to boring teetotal sparkling water or diet Coke. In support of “Dry January” we have launched a menu of four delicious mocktails, including:

“Blueberry Piña Colada”
“Put the Lime in the Coconut”
“Apple, Pear and Blackberry Mock-ito”
“Elderflower & Cucumber fizz”

They’re priced at £4.50 each. Cheers ! Click HERE to see the menu