What’s with the trees?

We thought they were an inspiring addition to our space and complement the roots of our brand.

And with the stag? Aren’t you meat-free?

In English folklore, the stag is seen as the protector of the forest. It is a confident creature, a leader and a herbivore. All things we want to be symbolic of our ETHOS.

Why the pay by weight concept ?

For us, pay-by-weight is all about giving our customers flexibility. Being self-service allows
you the maximum choice and flexibility in building your meal exactly as you please.

My eyes are bigger than my stomach – isn’t it a bit expensive ?

It depends how you look at it! Every single dish is made in our restaurant, fresh from scratch, every single day. You can see our chefs hard at work in the kitchen.

All our ingredients are of the finest quality sourced locally where possible. Nothing is shipped in from a production kitchen outside London. No pre-made sauces – or worse, re-heat meals.

And we don’t own a microwave!

How much does £10 get me?

It will buy you a good, filling lunch that won’t leave you feeling sluggish or zapped of energy.

“Fun fact: Take Away is charged at a lower price!”

How much of your selection is vegan or gluten free?

At least 50 % of both our sweet and savoury dishes are vegan and close to the same percentage
are gluten free.

Paleo ? Dairy-free ? Refined sugar-free ?

Yep! We have options that cover all these too. Just ask our friendly staff and they can help you out.

Are you child-friendly ?

We certainly are! Lots of our dishes are healthy and child-friendly finger foods
and we also have high chairs and nappy changing facilities.



If you have coeliac disease however,
please raise this with our staff as we are unfortunately unable to guarantee our food is 100%
free from cross-contamination. If this is a concern for you please email us for more

If this is a concern for you please email us for more
information: hello@ethosfoods.com